About Us

A little background about how this obsession has got to the point where it is now.  As i was growning up, I was always outside catching little critters, everything from chasing stray cats to trying to stuff that caterpillar into the jar to so it could build a cocoon and turn into a butterfly.  As I became a teenager, my focus turned to catching bullsnakes.  As I continued to learn more and more my thrill was fulfilled by rattlesnakes too.  Finally in August of 2006, I purchased a normal male ball python.  As I studied the proper husbandry, I saw my first morph (snakes that are genetically different and show strikingly beautiful color and/or pattern changes.) Within a year I had increased my collection to 28 ball pythons and 1 red-tailed boa.  In the fall of 2007, I took my first shot at breeding.  At this point, I became addicted. My collection now is filled with close to a hundred snakes and growing exponentially. With my main focus being on ball pythons, I have also started partnerships in breeding both boas and reticulated pythons.  With that expansion, I have also acquired a knack for rodent breeding and offer whatever I can to the frustrated herpers of Northeastern Colorado.

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